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Real feedback from our customers

All customers making enquiries on the Local Conveyancing Direct website are sent a feedback email three weeks later. This feedback is very important as it helps us to maintain a high level of quality among all our listed members. The following is a summarized list of extracts from some of these feedback emails. Hope the information below helps to give an indication of the high level of service provided by our members.

Recent feedback is as follows:

I used Fosters Law from Broadstairs.  Work in progress.  Several of your quoting participants called me in response to the query.  For this service this was very helpful and appreciated.  I was very quickly settled with a supplier.  Thank you.
Peter from Blean in Kent.
The website operated very well indeed - easy to use and rapid provision of results.  I did follow this up by placing an order with one of the services highlighted in the results.  The work was carried out by Bill Wilkie Associates, and I am very pleased with the speed and pricing of this service.  I will definitely recommend this service to my friends and acquaintances
I have placed a request with Lawcomm to provide conveyancing for the sale of my property. The web site worked fine, cheers
Regards, Robert from Southampton
Using Grahame Stowe Batesone so far everything progrssing well hoping to complete in 4 weeks time
Regards, Vincent.
The website operated satisfactorily when I requested  estimates.  I subsequently followed up by placing an order with  ARC Solicitors.  The work is continuing.  I have used ARC before and been very pleased
Regards, Mark
The website operate satisfactorily when I requested estimates.  I subsequently followed up by placing an order with Lawcomm.  Work not carried out fully yet, but satisfied so far with progress.  Thank you, we found your site to be a useful, internet tool to find good conveyancers.
Yes, the website operated satisfactorily.  Yes, I subsequently placed an order with  Beeston Shenton Solicitors, Knutsford.  The work has not yet been carried out but satisfactory so far.  The website helpful in reducing number of calls required to obtain estimates for conveyancing.
Many thanks, Sue, Buxton.
I was extremely happy with the help from David Bass. He was very informative and polite and would not hesitate to use his services again
Thanks this all worked very well, phil cox phoned within half an hour. I subsequently used Phil for the first job and another larger job in December-his work was excellent. All good for me.
Best Wishes Peter, Marlborough.
Yes, A D Crampton came out that day and sorted us out. All very efficient.
Claire, Nottingham.
Hi there, Service was great - lots of different options to ring! Would definitely use you again
Thanks, Liz.
I did not know where to start to find a surveyor but Google led me to your site which was easy to use.  From first looking to having the certificate published took less than 48 hours.  We received rapid and efficient service and would recommend AgentsPlus. 
Regards, John.
We used Bill Wilkie & Associates, they contacted us and had a fair quote on the list of those you provided, they were friendly, had in an depth knowledge, kept us well informed, completed all the bookings with our sellers and their estate agent and had a quick turn around on the report
Many thanks, Steve.
Website very helpful. Responses received from a number of the suppliers all of which were courteous and informative with no hard sell from any of them. 
Was very impressed with the response I got from the website as soon as I entered my details. I received information straight away via email and was very helpful , will recommend this service to others
Richard Ellison was the only one to contact me and subsequently went on to complete with satisfaction a large piece of work. He will continue to carry out further work in the new year and I have recommended him to others. Thank you very much for your service which was very helpful as you can see.
Yours, Jaz, Hazlemere.
I received a reply within minutes of requesting one on the web site from Dylan Morton and subsequently had a visit to establish our requirements. The response to my request was exceptionally fast and the follow up excellent. I have received an estimate from Dylan Morton and am looking forward to progressing in time.
Yours, Charles, Royston.
The response with quotes was quick & helpful. I appointed someone very quickly who was able to resolve my query. Great site! No one gets back to people by phone these days, but all those shortlisted got in touch!
All the best, Jen.
1. The website was great - straightforward to use and very clear. 2. Yes, Stirling Maynard telephoned me within half an hour of my searching your website, so I went ahead and instructed them to carry out the engineer's survey I needed. 3. Yes, very good and efficient service. I needed the survey to be done as soon as possible and Stirling Maynard were able to do it on the Wednesday after I spoke to them on Monday. 4. Colin Brackley at the company was also very helpful and informative. I would use them again and recommend them
Regards, Clare.
I used Woods surveyors. The website was great, Woods were excellent and yes they done it for the price quoted.  I am very satisfied with the work that was carried out.  I will definitely recommend your website and Woods in the future. Thanks very much
Many thanks, Mark.
Dear Sir,   In response to your recent e-mail I am happy to respond to your feedback s follows:   I had no difficulty using the web site.  In fact while I was still on line I received a telephone call from Mr Gregory Keating, who came and carried out the survey and then e-mailed the results to me later on that day.  Mr Keating arrived earlier than when he arranged, and carried out the survey quickly and efficiently.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.
Yours faithfully Marien
Yes, your website operated well. It was good to receive several quotations, which were organised in a practical way. I finally placed an order with East of England Surveys. When deciding which provider to choose, I have checked the provider's website, area of expertise and price. I spoke to a few of them and I finally chose East of England Surveys as I liked this company the most.
Regards Henrietta.
Hi, the website was very good.I used Andy Tew of 360 degrees,he provided a very fast and efficient service.I would certainly use the website and Andy again.
Regards, John
I am a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work. Won't hesitate to recommend to someone else. Regards,
Charity, Bedford.
We only had a reply from one Company which was A D Crampton who replied the same day and carried out the work the next week . To our complete satisfaction and at a reasonable price .
Thank you. Elizabeth, Sutton in Ashfield.
I can say that the 'finding' element was brilliant. Having phoned a number of local people who were totally uninterested in a small job, arriving at the website and getting a list of people as a result of a desperate and lengthy, but specific, Google search was wonderful.
Regards Maria, Uxbridge
I was extremely pleased with the service I received from your site. Many of the firms contacted me on the same day -one literally within minutes!! I was able to arrange a survey immediately and the person who came was both helpful and informative so thank you -I would definitely use you again
Yours sincerely Margaret
the website was very good.I used Andy Tew of 360 degrees,he provided a very fast and efficient service.I would certainly use the website and Andy again.
Regards, John.
I found the website very useful, I contacted one of the suppliers and a second supplier contacted me..
Thank you Jemma, Coalville.
The website was easy to use and I received replies to my request for quotes within 2 hours of posting it. An excellent and quick way of gathering and comparing quotes.
Regards Trevor, Newport Pagnell.
The work was carried out satisfactorily and I had no problem with the web site.
Regards, Ian, (from Bargoed).
HI - the website did operate satisfactorily. I only heard from one of the suppliers and placed and order with them. The work was carried out promptly and satisfactorily.
Yours Anna, Hornsey.
I was very satisfied with the job. I would use the website again.
Kind regards Maddie.
I went with Kevin Carlin as he didn't waste time by needing to assess simple job first. He arrived, looked at work and did it there and then. I will use him again.
regards Di.
I was very pleased with the service offered. I had a call within 5 minutes of posting my job, I think that must be some sort of record! I was very pleased with the service he offered, and would recommend his services.
With kind regards, Debbie.
Just wanted to say that your site was very user friendly and really helped us out.
Thanks, Andy.
I had a quick response from Mathew Butterworth. I am pleased to say he gave excellent help and advice and solved my problem.
Regards William.
The website was satisfactory, and it worked very quickly, as i had 6 phone calls within a few hours. we had a couple of quotes and we chose one of the suppliers. They carried out the work at a time that suited us and we are very pleased with the job they did. we will be using them again in the future.
Regards, Zoe.
As a result of our enquiry, we used the services of Gareth Keogh, who gave us a very prompt response and provided a completely satisfactory service. We would be happy to recommend him to others and would not hesitate to use his services again.
Yours sincerely, Ralph.
We found your replies very helpful and went for Ian Barker purely because he was 'our kind of guy'. He worked very professionally and very satisfactorily. We would certainly use him again, and would recommend him to our friends.
Yes the website dealt with my request very satisfactorily. I used Kent Electrics from from the list provided and I found them to be very good, they were reasonably priced, arrived when the said they would and provided an excellent service all round, I would definately recommed them and use them in the future.
Thanks , Julie.
Yes got contacted by all the suppliers I instructed M & S Associates and the worked was completed to my satisfaction.
Many thanks.Alison
In response to your queries. I contacted Russell Locke and was completely satisfied with his service.
Regards Hilary.
Yes website was very good and we received a phone call next day. We placed an order and work was carried out within 24hours by Mark Kerr
Very pleased with quick response and work carried out, and would not hesitate to use Mark again.
Thankyou MICHELE.
Hi, yes i did use Stuart Dickens, who i found to be very good, he arrived at the exact appointment time, was a pleasure to speak to, and was very helpful with any questions i had and i would certainly recommend him to anyone requiring his services. As for the website i again found it easy to use and found the service and information i required easily,
thanks, C G.
Very satisfied with the service I recieved from Neil Sayer.
Mr K.
We did use Nigel Field. Was very happy with quick response.
Thank you. Vanessa.
Your website was extremely helpful with my enquiry. The work has been done and i am very pleased with the standard and quality of the job that was done. Out of the 3 companies that had been given to me by your website only C.M.Morgan had the courtesy to contact me. Mr Morgan was pleasant to deal with and i would NOT hesitate to recommend him to anyone else
Cheers C.C.
System/web site worked very well. Used R F Cox and Son. Did a good job. Came on time and completed job at price quoted. Would use both the supplier and the web site again
Thanks Diane.
Dear JJ, I was more than pleased with your website. One of the suppliers happened to call me back within minutes. I did hear from all of them within a few days, most of them very quickly. They were all very professional and polite. I wound up choosing the first one I spoke to. The work has not yet begun- it's a large complicated job, but I would definitely use your website again. It was terrific. It made it SO much easier to find someone. Excellent idea.
Sincerely, Kathleen.
I used a Supplier from your website.. I am satisfied with the job done.
The website worked well .I selected the first to contact me and have completed the work with total satisfaction . The third company contacted me about 4 days later after the work was done. Thank You,
I would like to say that I was very impressed by how quickly I was contacted by the listed companies and how helpful I found your site. It is always daunting looking for such specialists and often difficult to know where to start looking but your company made the whole process extremely pain-free. Many thanks.
Regards Ilona.
Hi yes, the website operated satitsfactorily. I did not get an estimate from the website, but I phoned one of the suppliers directly, Ross Donnell. The work was carried out promptly and to a satisfactory level. His charge was reasonable. I will definitely use him again if necessary.
Thank you Helen.
The response with quotes was quick & helpful. I appointed someone very quickly who was able to resolve my query. Great site! No one gets back to people by phone these days, but all those shortlisted got in touch!
All the best, Jen
1. Yes, the website gave me a good estimate for the work. 2. Yes, Paul Quigley phoned me within an hour of making the enquiry. I arranged for him to come around to give me an estimate, he started the work within 3 days of him giving me an estimate. 3. Paul completed the work last week, he was thoroughly professional, friendly, I feel totally satisfied with the work he has carried out, the whole experience was an absolute pleasure, nothing was too much, he did the work thoroughly going beyond my expectations for the money he required to do the work. 4. I would love to ba able to make a comment that would improve your service, but unfortunately my experience has been such a good one that i am unable to help. I would not hesitate to use the website again when neccessary.
Regards, Ms S F
I was extremely pleased with the service I received from your site. Many of the firms contacted me on the same day -one literally within minutes!! I was able to arrange a survey immediately and the person who came was both helpful and informative so thank you -I would definitely use you again
Yours sincerely Margaret


What were the questions that we asked?


All the comments above were in response to our customer feedback email which asked for general answers to the following four questions:

1. Did the website operate satisfactorily when you requested your estimates?

2. Did you subsequently follow up by placing order with any of the service suppliers listed? If so, which one?

3. If the work has now been carried out, was it satisfactory?

4. Do you have any other comments that you may wish to make?

  If you are looking for property services and need expert help, please run an estimate or listing request on our website.  We will then present you with a list of our members who are experts in the requested field and local to your area.  You will then be able to contact them directly.  There is no middle man.  For more information on our service please go to our home page..